Japanese Schola
Japanese Schola
Dr Margaret Sensei

Welcome to Japanese Schola

See you at the Welcome Tutorial to hit the ground running with your Japanese - Week of the 20th Mar!

Membership: 2h

Every Schola on the platform is covered by your Membership, which means you will be able to join where you need and progress in Japanese as far as you want! 

 1h tutorial + 1h practice session a week

Your choice: Current Weekday Availability

6.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

After you register, you will be asked about your preferred days and a few basic things to onboard with the platform: selecting Schola!

Welcome Tutorial

We will email you beforehand to confirm the allotted weekday as we work to fit your Schola together.  


We have to charge in USD since MightyNetworks doesn't accept other currencies for now, but it won't make much difference - the exchange rate is very stable. 

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